Public education by numbers

$2billion:  the amount McGuinty’s Bill 115 extracts from Ontario’s public education budget over 2-3 years. $2billion:   the amount Ontario would generate per year if we simply [...]

Dear Minister Broten

I am writing to you today as a parent of a child in Ontario’s public school system. Specifically, my child attends Public School in Toronto.  Over the past weeks since school began, I have been [...]

Students aren’t high on the priority list

“Governing is about priorities. Students can’t help but notice they aren’t high on the list.”    David Suzuki June 2012  The Campaign for Public Education has closely examined Ontario’s Bill 115 [...]

wartime-style powers

The Ontario government is selling its new public restraint bill as a simple, two-year wage freeze. A close reading shows the proposed law is much, much broader.  Unveiled on Wednesday by Finance [...]

1,300 students sign up for walkout

Ontario teachers mistreated, organizer claims More than 1,300 high school students in the local public board are indicating they’ll walk out of classes Wednesday to protest how their teachers are [...]