Who’s consulted, where, why?

The current “consultation” on the governance of the TDSB is unprecedented.  The appointed panel headed by former mayor Barbara Hall is looking at the governance model for only the [...]

tired old funding formula

The misnomer of Grants for Student Needs  The general public may have given a collective sigh of relief on March 26 when the Minister of Education Liz Sandals announced that funding for public [...]

How to ANSWER the Hall TDSB Governance ?s

Here are the initial questions asked online and in community meetings and a sample of answers we have gathered in talking to those wishing to rebuild public education in Toronto. The Hall panel [...]

Tues 6pm: Funding Matters

 Join teachers, parents, community for an information picket in conjunction with the North York West Consultation on the TDSB. Tues May 19, 6-7pm Lawrence Heights Community Centre.  Let’s [...]

The School As Community Hub

There’s been much chatter about schools as community hubs this month.  But what does this actually involve?  Here is one of the more comprehensive studies on the subject edited by David [...]